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As, I promised,  there are other methods to create instruction.  One of the many is termed SAM or the Successive Approximation Method.  This is a method that I came across early on.  Michael Allen originated this method. Its quick, iterative processes are alluring.  The process starts with a consultative brainstorming session, called a SAVVY Start,  with the interested parties including learners, managers and executives.   They help to create first draft prototypes of the instruction.  The instructional products are refined through two more cycles of  iterative– prototype, review and, design.  During this phase culling down a handful of prototypes into one that is developed, implemented and evaluated in 3 successive steps  creating an alpha, beta and finally a gold copy.



To read more about SAM find Leaving Addie for SAM by Michael Allen.  There are links to webinars and other resources.



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