Web 2.0

There seems to be a lot of fuss over Web 2.0.  Though it seems to me that no one really does a good job defining just what web are other than they are using the web as a software delivery method.  But that definition fails to encompass what Web 2.0 actually is.

In the early days of the internet.  The early 1990s,  there were static pages, web crawlers, FTP and animated gifs (like hamsterdance!).  Social interaction was via e-mail or you could post static text…like this blog (only less stimulating).  Later in the 2000s came CSS and pages started to look much more graphically pleasing.  Though brief, interrupted, fuzzy videos were met with excited expectations of the future, when you might be able to…gasp!  Watch television on your computer!

Tim O’Reilly popularized the term Web 2.0 in 2004 to describe the incorporation of things like videos, social networking, blogs, wikkis,  web applications and  creating mashups ultimately expanding and changing the way the internet was used previously.

There was obviously controversy about wether this actually constituted a new internet and deserved a new name (see Sir_Tim_Berners-Lee on wikkipedia).  Or if the term Web 2.0 was simply a new kitchy name.

Despite the controversy or maybe because of it or because it described something new and real, the name stuck.  Web 2.0 tools abound and blogs, wikkis and social media are the way of the media today.  See what hamsterdance has become, web 2.0 for a new generation to discover!

More about Web 2.0 applications see the infographic!


easelly_visual (1)


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