Avatar me!

Ever want to lose your egg on twitter, break out of the shadow man on google or linked in and create a really great on-line presence without posting your actual picture everywhere?  Well, I have and I’ve also attempted to create my own avatar on a number of occasions, with varying degrees of success.

I’ve tried Fireworks and tracing:

Angie pic





I’ve tried ppt and tracing:

avitar background 2





I’ve tried ppt and vector shapes:

This is me! Created in ppt.

This is me! Created in ppt.

With my limited drawing skills, the amount of time these take me can be considerable.  A few hours, maybe a day.  I’m sure if I wanted them to be really polished, it could take a week.  But hey, these are avatars, they should be quick, right?

Then I realized what a lot of people knew already, that there are a whole host of web 2.0 tools that create avatars for free that you can download and use on your site.  They are quicker to use (usually less than an hour).   A downside is that sometimes you have limited in options to customize your look, sometimes they are difficult to download and sometimes you will need to create a new account to mail you more ‘junque’.  However, if style and time saving are your motivators, the sky is the limit on these avatars!

Dopple me  creates an embed code for your web site or you can save the image as a gif or other file type.  Here’s how I look with Dopple Me!


Face your Manga will e-mail you with your newly created avatar.  Here is how I look with Face your Manga.


Where is the speakeasy?  Great Gatsby  avatar.


And finally, when I feel like conquering the world…Marvel Comics has a create your superhero avatar.  This site did not download easily and I could only save it as a pdf, maybe the download didn’t work well with my mac.

Create Your Own Superhero _ Marvel


I’m not sure which one I will end up with.  I may use different avatars for different purposes.  Considering the multitude of avatar creators out there and the rate of turn-over, I’m sure I’ll be updating my avatars and this post again!


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