Blended Learning Summary

For the blended learning class I recently completed, we were assigned to choose a case study about…blended learning!

I chose: Hayslett, C., O’Sullivan, E., Schweizer, H., & Wrench, J. (2009). Using Cognitive Apprenticeship to Provide Faculty Development in the Use of Blended Learning. Journal of the Research Center for Educational Technology, 5(2), 92-117.

My top 3 likes:

  1. The use of a blended course as a design model for the student deliverable
  2. The creation of a blended module for the class the professors were teaching made transfer of skills immediate
  3. The design of the blend using the creation of the module as self-paced on-line and supportive coaching for face to face experience.

To create my asset I used the following tools: Prezi for the presentation, Photoshop for the introductory image, canva for the internal images, and photobooth to record the embedded video demos.


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